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Capitalized Programs

Nutrition Programs

Our nutrition plans are customized toward your lifestyle and your personal goals. You can expect weekly check-ins with Dan, nutrition education, macro adjustments and a long term plan for your nutritional goals. We require a 4-month commitment. Just as Rome wasn't built in a day (or a month for that matter) this approach is not about a quick fix. It is about building sustainable habits for longevity and increasing the client's nutritional knowledge base.

Summer Salad

Combo Plan:

Nutrition and Fitness

Our combo plan includes both a tailored nutrition program and a customized monthly training program. This is the perfect plan for individuals who are looking for an all-inclusive program. You can expect the services outlined in the nutrition program, as well as a monthly training program geared toward your fitness goals. 

Summer Salad
Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

Fitness/Training Programs

This plan is perfect for individuals who already understand and can manage their nutritional goals and are looking for fitness gains. You can expect a monthly training program geared toward your fitness goals. Dan works with individuals of any age and fitness level who are looking to improve their health and physique. Training programs include daily workouts and accessory work.

Kettlebell Workout
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