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Coach Dan


I pride myself on building solid relationships with my clients. I know that nutrition and fitness goals are very personal and can be difficult for some to talk about. My current clients will tell you that my success comes from more than just the science of my program—it also comes from the deep trust that my clients have in me and the support and encouragement they receive. 


Originally from Brooklyn, New York, from a traditional Puerto Rican family—eating more rice and beans than you can imagine—I struggled with my weight as a child. In my early teens, as a competitive baseball player, I lost the weight and became interested in both fitness and the nutrition that goes hand in hand with reaching personal fitness goals.


From that point on I became a "gym rat" priding myself on the size of my biceps- all 21 inches of them—they are not nearly that size today! In 2008 I ran across a Jim Jones video at a party, which led me to a video of someone doing a Crossfit workout called "Fran". That image resonated with me as I realized that solely lifting heavy weights was just the tip of the fitness iceberg. I started looking on Crossfit Main Site to develop my workouts. Coworkers saw the change in my body and asked to join me at the gym! From there, I earned my Level 1 Crossfit Certification and began coaching at Lamorinda Crossfit for 6 years. I have coached at Crossfit Walnut Creek North for 4 years, where I also reside as their in-house nutrition coach.

My deep interest in nutrition began to peak about 10 years ago. As most crossfitters at the time, I was dedicated to a Paleo Diet. As I got older, however, the demands of my daily life and family increased. I began looking for something more realistic and more centered around building muscle and fueling the body for workouts, as well as everyday life and recovery. 


As a total fitness and nutrition "nerd" I began reading and studying everything I could on the topic. How sleep and stress affect fitness goals. How the body builds and retains muscle. What the body needs to recover. How we can stay insulin stable and how we can reduce our cortisol levels for optimum daily performance, both in the gym and in LIFE.

After an immense amount of research, in 2015, I earned my Eat to Perform Coaching Certificate Level 1 and Level 2 and am currently studying for my Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching Certificate. I have committed myself to a lifetime of continued education in both nutrition and fitness.

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